Weight Loss Coaching


Weight loss coaching is a personalized and supportive approach designed to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals in a healthy and sustainable manner. Meet Kerianne Hicks, a PA licensed behavior specialist certified in sports nutritionwho is here to serve you as a knowledgeable guide, providing guidance, motivation and accountability throughout your weight loss journey.

The coaching process begins with an initial assessment, where the Coach Kerianne gains an understanding of the your current lifestyle, eating habits, physical activity level, and overall health. Based on this information, Coach Kerianne collaborates with you to set realistic and achievable goals tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Weight loss coaching offers a structured and compassionate approach to weight management, empowering individuals to make healthier choices, cultivate positive habits, and achieve their desired weight and lifestyle goals for the long term.

Coaching Relationship

Your weight loss coach works with the you to develop a personalized nutrition plan, taking into account:

  • Dietary preferences
  • Medical conditions
  • Fitness levels
  • Advice on portion control
  • Meal planning strategies/healthy food choices and
  • Strategies to overcome emotional eating and other barriers to success

Psychological & Emotional Needs

Obtaining your ultimate fitness and weight is more than just your time in the gym and kitchen. Our methodology helps you identify and change negative thought patterns, develop a positive mindset, and establish healthy habits to promote long-term success. We also address stress management, sleep, and other lifestyle factors that can influence weight loss progress.

Ongoing Support & Accountability

You are in charge of your weight loss journey! With monthly check ins scheduled, with more available as requested, we monitor progress, celebrate achievements, and address any challenges that arise. We are your cheerleaders, motivators, and mentors, empowering you to stay committed to your goals even during difficult times.

Importantly, weight loss coaching is not about quick fixes or extreme measures. Instead, it encourages gradual and sustainable changes that lead to lasting results. It promotes a holistic approach to health and well-being, recognizing that weight loss is just one aspect of overall wellness.

Real People

Real Results...

Whether you're a busy mom who has lost her sense of self, or an overworked dad looking to shed a few lbs, our Adult Fitness classes can help you regain your confidence, increase your self esteem, and improve your quality of life. Don't believe us? Try us for free!